Top Thoughtful Get Well Soon Gifts to Make Them Smile (That Won't Break the Bank!)

Top Thoughtful Get Well Soon Gifts to Make Them Smile (That Won't Break the Bank!)

Oh, the sniffle season has arrived with a bang (and for some, a splutter) and get-well-soon gifts are (unfortunately) very highly searched for this time of year.

Whether you’re looking for a covid care package, a get well soon gift basket, or simply just to let someone know you're thinking of them. We’ve put together a helpful list of get-well-soon gift ideas to brighten someone's day and if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a thoughtful pressie, you’ll know exactly how good it feels - no matter how small.

Now, these might not be a total replacement for some good ol’ cough medicine, the ability to breathe through both nostrils, or a big (germ-spreading) hug but it WILL bring a smile to their face and that’s exactly what we’re all about here at Smiley HQ. See below for the best get well gift ideas (we think 😉) that Smile Box can help you with.


The affordable self-care gift

Pamper Box

With our very own cute lil' get-well care package, they can enjoy some well-deserved self-care time! Not only does this gift say "get well soon" it'll also get them back to living their best life in no time at all. Containing a delicious-smelling handmade candle, New Zealand made moisturiser, face mask, T2 teas and a bunch of premium chocolate treats. This pamper hamper not only lets your giftee know that you took the time to send them something special, but also something they'll actually use!

Get well soon gifts to keep them occupied.

Add on a Paper Plus gift voucher to any Smile Box of your choice:

Stop them scrolling the days away and keep their mind occupied with a gift card for Paper Plus. They can browse the collection of DIY goodies, arts & crafts or get stuck into that new book they've been thinking about. We have a wide range of Gift Station gift vouchers to suit any hobby that can be added to any of our Smile Boxes.

The milk chocolate get-well soon gift.

A Choccy Smirk or A Fudgetastic Smile Box:

Give them Whittakers! And kisses! And Remarkable Sweet Shop Fudge! Ooo and hot chocolate! Basically, get them all the delicious things they might crave when they finally regain their appetite and want to gobble up something to make them feel warm and fuzzy inside. The coolest part? You can make it a truly special personalised get-well gift by adding in a customised gift card and you can even include a polaroid of your choice (to remind them that there are better days a’coming!).


Add-on a The Warehouse gift card:

Comfort, but make it more personal! Retail-therapy, but make it guilt-free! Let them choose a new fresh robe, warm their tootsies with some new socks or maybe get some new relaxation products. With The Warehouse’s wide range of affordable options they can head down to their local store and make themselves feel better.

The practical get well gift:

Make a Supermarket order delivery (or pick it up) for them: Whether you’re recovering from surgery, blocked up with flu or even just a lil’ burnt out (mid-year blues anyone?) a supermarket delivery is sure to be one helluva practical gift! Fill it to the brim with fruit baskets galore, healthy veggies & maybe even throw in a couple of easy-peasy ready meals. It’ll be sure to take a weight off their poorly brain and be the most helpful gift for a sick person. It’s considerate, it’s helpful, but most importantly—a supermarket delivery won't make your giftee sneeze like fresh flowers might (and no one has to keep it alive 😉).

The inappropriate get-well gift 😅.

“Sorry you feel like s***t” Get Well Soon Card:

The funniest get well soon message they could ever receive. With our exclusive range of customisable gift cards, give them a chuckle to make their day a little lighter; then make it a little brighter by accompanying it with a delicious box of goodies (controversial opinion - we’d probably file this under - ’best get well gift for boss’ 😂)


The healthy get well soon gift.

Our very own ‘Get Better’ box:

When in doubt, this get-well gift will tick all those get better boxes: It’s thoughtful, affordable and the perfect gift for anyone in your life who’s feeling blue. Doesn’t matter if it’s your best pal who’s coughing up a storm, your colleague who’s having a rough time being sick or if it’s your nan in need of a pick-me-up gift. Including a Pouch of Barkers Immunity Vitamin C Gel (Lemon, Honey, Ginger & Tumeric), a (probably much-needed) tin of Great Barrier Island Paw Paw lip balm, a Tube of Halls Throaties (Honey & Lemon flavour), warming tea and delicious chocolate. It’s a guaranteed smile-inducing care package that’ll really hit the spot and make them feel loved.

Let’s face it, being sick sucks and the gesture of sending a little “thinking of you” gift will go a long way. Not seen anything above that you think may tickle their fancy? At Smile Box we’ve got heaps of goodies in store, with super speedy delivery, great prices and perfect customisations you can make to spread those smiles. We pride ourselves on being New Zealand's most affordable gift company - you can check out our other gift options for further inspiration.

Stay healthy and stay smiling! Lots of Love, Team Smile Box